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Solum olive oil is the final result of careful olive growing that is based on respect for nature and advanced extraction methods.

The harvest begins between the end of September and the first days of October following the period of maturation of the different qualities of olives, is deliberately early in order to ensure low acidity and high concentrations of polyphenols.

The olives are harvested by the use of mechanical combs, then they are collected in the nets previously laid on the ground and then placed in boxes, specially perforated to allow ventilation.

The freshly harvested olives are immediately pressed in the new mill that is located inside the property through a cold extraction process.

The kneading takes place inside vertical malaxers, in which the use of oxygen is expertly dosed in order to enhance the taste of the oil.

The oil is then filtered and stored in a controlled temperature environment inside tanks of steel atmosphere modified with nitrogen to preserve it from oxidation in order to keep its qualitative and organoleptic characteristics.

The oil, which has therefore kept unchanged all its initial characteristics and qualities, is bottled inside dark glass bottles to preserve it from deterioration due to sunlight.