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The farm of Gioacchini Antonio e Antonio started in 1936 when our great grandfather Sante Gioacchini purchased the land in locality Le Mandrie, Tuscania, Italy. The first olive trees were planted in the middle of the last century and by the end of the eighties, the olive plantation has grown to its current size.

We are the fourth generation to take care of that olive plantation and to continue our great grandfather’s passion for the good and the beautiful. It is precisely with these values that the symbol of out Solum EVOO is in reference to, with two stick figures alluding to the handing down of the passion of good olive oil between generations.



Purchase of the property

Gioacchini Sante buys the soil in “Mandria Marcelliani“ area, in the municipality of Tuscania.

Early 50’s

Planting of first trees

Late 80’s

The olive grove is increased up to the current condition


The farm Gioacchini Antonio and Antonio is founded